39 Santierului Street, 120226
Tel.: +40-238-725 500
Fax: +40-238-710 779

Fact & Figures

With more than 230 qualified employees, BETA achieves 14 mil Euro/year turnover and a production capacity of 6000 tons/year.



Turnover approx

9 mil Eur

Potential capacity

6 000 t/y

Total area

165 631 sqm

Covered area

64 887 sqm

Uncovered area

100 744 sqm

Max length

55 m

Max diameter

6 m

Max weight

150 t

Custom Fabrication is Our Specialty:

BETA also manufactures all types of custom fabricated vessels out of carbon steel, low /medium/high alloy steel, cladded, stainless steel. We provide mechanical engineering (with PV ELITE) and computer aided design (AutoCAD LT2009).

Our fabrication is controlled by project managers (with aid of Microsoft Office Project), the company has also an Integrated Data ERP Management System (CLARVISION).