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Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment

BETA applies a Quality and Environment Management System, observing the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008 and the requirements of standard ISO 14001:2004 as well as the requirements of the other applicable norms and regulations of the products

The purpose of our organization is to become a business partner in the field of:

    Design and manufacturing of pressure vessels and their components, reactors, heat exchangers, process furnace, columns, storage tanks, chlorine tanks, pressure pipes, expansion joints, steam boilers and their components, welded metal structure,


recognized for  the EFFICIENCY and  the BEST INDUSTRY PRACTICE.


The primary objectives for achieving this challenge are:


-          Focus all our actions on customer’s total satisfaction and anticipation of his future needs;

-          Develop of partnerships with our suppliers and customers;

-          Orient towards nonconformity prevention and elimination, leading to “zero defects”;

-          Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality, occupational health and safety, environment management system and company efficiency.


        We are committed to achieving these objectives individually and collectively, working with a team spirit by:


-          Establishing and proving an adequate performance of quality, occupational health and safety, environment management system;

-          Complying with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which we shall subscribe in compliance to our own risks and environmental aspects;

-          Involving in the continuous process improvement,  control of risks,  prevention of injuries, occupational illnesses and pollution;

-          Satisfying customer’s requirements and legal/regulatory requirements - e.g. applicable directives for products: 97/23/EC, 2010/35/EU, 2009/105/EC, Regulation (EU) No.305/2011 etc.;

-          Continuously updating our competence, responsibility and integrity;

-          Being aware of the importance of our activity and its influence on quality, occupational  health and safety, environment.



  Based on our professionalism, working as a team, observing  the system and legislation in force and all the requirements we subscribed to, I undertake to ensure all resources for the success of this policy.


Managing Director of  BETA