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Products & Solutions

 BETA main products are:

 -        pressure vessels

-         heat exchangers

-        columns

-        storage tanks

-        decompression chambers

-        SKID units

-        chlorine vessels

-        fire heaters

-        expansion joint

-         filters

-         welded steel structures


Chlorine Tanks   Fired Heaters
Chlorine Tanks

UNIQUE authorized manufacturer in Romania for chlorine tanks!

BETA manufactures tanks for storage and transport of liquid chlorine 800 l and 450 l, the products are according PED 99/36/EC, Annex IV, Part I= and ADR.

Fired Heaters

•  Preheating

•  CDU

•  VDU

•  Reformers

•  Rectangular or cylindrical

•  Fixed or rotary

•  Vertical or horizontal

•  With a stack placed on the body of the fired heaters or on separated basement.

Expansion Joints   Bag Filters
Expansion Joints


1.  Axial lens type expansion joints

2.  Lateral lens type expansion joints

3.  Angular lens type expansion joints

4.  Load equilibrated lens type expansion joints

5.  Special lens type expansion joints

6.  Vibration expansion joints

Bag Filters


  • Turn-key solutions
  • Work pressure: max 500 mm col.H2O
  • Max. Work temperature: 110°C
  • Recommended charge of the filtered surface: max 200m3/m2h
  • Dust content into the mixture: max 100g/m3
  • Compressed air pressure for shaking: max 7 bar, min 5 bar
  • Filtered surface : from 5 to 375 m2 (other sizes, on request)
Welded Steel Structures    
Welded Steel Structures

BETA manufactures welded steel structures for refinery, petrochemical plants, civil infrastructures, building construction, power plants, oil extraction, platforms, a.s.o..

Scope of supply:

Materials procurement, CNC oxy-gas cutting, assembling, welding, heat treatment (if necessary),machining, sandblasting, painting, packing.

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